Hello and welcome to The Survivalist Guide! Thanks for visiting! Here at The Survivalist Guide, we are focused on providing effective tips and strategies to help you prepare for anything. We believe that being prepared offers some peace of mind and we want you to experience that too! We want to help you be ready to combat any situation.


Who am I anyway? Well, my name is Erin Blystone and I am extremely passionate about being prepared. Not just for crazy catastrophies, but also for the simple things! I like to have extra batteries laying around just in case the TV remote dies, a generator in the garage in case the power at my house goes out, and a bundle of clothes in the car in case I break down in the snow.

I am a graduate of a university in Pennsylvania with a Bachelors Degree in Accounting. Along with numbers, preparedness is a passion of mine. I have always loved to plan things and cross objectives off a to-do list. I am a very analytical person and enjoy providing for myself independently. Life has shown me that my plans are often met with unforseen circumstances and that you have to be flexible and adaptable to the everchanging world around you. That’s really why I like to be prepared. It keeps me on track and my mind at ease.

Being prepared can mean whatever you want it to. To me, I really think that by being prepared allows you to life a weight off your shoulders. It’s a great feeling to know that you’ve got yourself (and sometimes your family) covered when an unexpected situation arises. When you’re prepared for it, I guess it wasn’t all that unexpected after all!


Everyday I see people getting hit with an unexpected burden, whether that be a financial hardship, a windstorm blowing a chunk of the roof off their home, or a broken down car. And everyday these same people scrounge around trying to fix the problem. So my philosophy is that you should aim to be prepared now so you don’t have to panic later.

I have experienced my fair share of misfortunes too. And at one point, it just hit me that I was sick of having to fix all these problems I was running into. So I decided to actively prepare myself for these things. Now I don’t have a bunker in my backyard for a hideout or a second home on an unknown islad, but I like to have the simple things covered! (More power to you if you have those things though!)

I just want to help everyone that I can to be prepared so they don’t have to experience any stress if the situation does arise.  I want everyone to live as peacefully and comfortably as possible instead of having to waste time stressing about the trivial things. Life is meant to be lived after all – not to be bogged down with obstacles.


Like I said before, The Survivalist Guide aims to help you gain a peace of mind by prepping you for the future. We don’t want you to be so focused on what could happen that forget about what is happening right in front of you, but we want you to be able to combat those things that could happen. In our world after all, you just never know what awaits (good or bad).

We hope that you NEVER run into a situation that catches you off guard, so we aim to ensure that it won’t ever happen. Even if you don’t feel the need or desire to prepare for your future, we hope that The Survivalist Guide can teach you something! Knowledge is power and you might find some neat tips and tricks here that you’re interested in learning about.

Please enjoy exploring the site and send some suggestions if you’d like! If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Erin Blystone

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